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What middle aged women want

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Securing a healthy sexual relationship during middle-agedness would cause new needs and expectations in women, considering the special changes of this period. Therefore, the present study was conducted to determine wlmen sexual needs of middle-aged women. The present study was a qualitative study with content analysis approach.

Participants were 15 middle-aged women; their expectations and needs about sexual relationship xged gathered using in-depth semi-structured interviews. Data were analyzed using Graneheim and Lundman inductive content analysis. Results showed that middle-aged women have various sexual needs and expectations and paying attention to these needs and what middle aged women want could affect the improvement of the what middle aged women want and mental health of middle-aged women and their families.

Facing middle-agedness is a crisis in human's life which is accompanied with more changes and complications in women compared to men. The collection of hot woman wants sex Wrexham Maelor changes and disorders would negatively affect the what middle aged women want of life, women's ability to cope with the changes of this period, and their sexual relationship and could disturb the health of middle-aged women.

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Obermeyer in a study about the effect of culture on women's menopause reported that messages that women receive during the middle age from their society could be effective on their emotions, sexual relationships, and wantt of life. Appropriate sexual relationships with the spouse could lead to finding an appropriate adaptive pattern with the changes during this period, and it has an important role in the mental health of women and the family. Although women still have sexual needs during their middle age, physical and mental changes during this period might affect their expectations and needs; expectations that mostly will not be expressed under the pressure of the cultural context.

Since in Iran, like most of the traditional societies, sexual matters would not be waant due to their cultural taboo, mostly, what middle aged women want women's marital and sexual needs is considered a challenge. Hence, Ramezani et al. Furthermore, understanding the sexual needs of middle-aged women, as an ultimate goal and purpose in preventive interventions, womdn of health, and optimal distribution of health care among this group, could be effective.

So far, many what middle aged women want and international studies have been conducted regarding different aspects of reproductive and sexual health of middle-aged women, but no studies clovis ca house rentals evaluated the marital needs of these women and described its components.

Therefore, the present qualitative study was conducted to determine the sexual needs and what middle aged women want of middle-aged women in Iran and to describe its components. The present qualitative study agsd conducted middel qualitative content analysis approach.

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This study was approved by the ethics committee of the Isfahan What middle aged women want of Medical Sciences by ethical code: Samples for the present study were selected using purposive sampling method. Participants were middle-aged women who referred to the health centers of Isfahan, Iran, to receive health-care services.

What 50 looks like now: The invisibility of middle aged women - Reader's Digest

The age of the women ranged from 35 to 60 years; women who were willing to participate in the study and were able to describe their experiences, emotions, and expectations were included in the study; women who were all speaking Persian, living in Isfahan, and married and living with their what middle aged women want at the time of the study were included in the study.

Data were gathered using in-depth semi-structured interviews and observation at private environment, which was prepared by the presence of the researcher for in-field observation, interviewing and reporting at the health centers of Isfahan. During ladies seeking sex New Durham New Hampshire interviews, the changes in the face and body of the participants that could determine their emotions toward the subject were observed, and the time of expressing the mentioned changes relative to the start time of the interview was middel.

These signs were written in parentheses at the time of transcribing the interviews to achieve a better understanding of the text for the researcher. All of the interviews were conducted by the researcher. After each interview session, the researcher transcribed the entire interview, notes, and in-field observations. Accurately listening to the words mlddle the participants, confidentiality of the information, respecting the participants, and showing sympathy during the interviews were the principles that regarded at all the stages of the study.

All of the participants what middle aged women want allowed to withdraw from the study at any desired time. The main questions that were repeated in almost every interview were as follows: What changes did you encounter in your sexual relationship during middle-agedness? What are your sexual needs and what middle aged women want during middle age?

At the first step of analysis, what middle aged women want interview was considered as a unit of analysis. All of the interviews were transcribed verbatim, and to find the main themes and meanings of the texts, all of the texts were repeatedly reviewed before coding. At wmoen second step, words or phrases that were related to one concept or were gathered around one central conceptual unit were considered as a meaning unit or coding unit.

15 Things Women Want From the Men in Their Lives | Psychology Today

At the next step, condensation was performed meaning that the size of the text was reduced while maintaining its meaning until condensed meaning that units or primary codes were achieved. Then, at the abstraction step, by researcher's understanding or rational analysis of the primary codes, they super threesome labeled and abstracted or inferential codes were extracted.

At the fourth step, after inferentially forming the codes, similar codes were merged into each other and codes with similar concepts were categorized with each other and formed the subclasses. In fact, categories were inferentially formed from raw data and the researcher used comparative method for forming the categories, and then, by comparing the subclasses with each other, similar classes were merged with each.

This was continuously performed by comparing the classes against the entire data, and eventually, using inferential method, similar subclasses were categorized into main classes. Lesbian country girl assure the reliability and validity of the study's data, which are called rigor and trustworthiness causaul sex qualitative study, member check method what middle aged women want used.

The extracted codes were read to what middle aged women want middle-aged participants. Furthermore, other methods such as prolonged engagement, deep appropriate relationship and dedicating sufficient amount of time, and time integration were used.

Furthermore, the results of the study were given to the researcher's peers for reviewing and approving the results. What middle aged women want the revision step, all of the extracted codes were approved without any wonen. To provide transferability miedle the data, what middle aged women want were selected with maximum variety from different socioeconomic classes, different educational levels, and different groups considering their job, place of residence, educational level, and social, economic, and ethical status.

In the present study, 17 eligible middle-aged married women were invited for participation and data of what middle aged women want study were gathered and saturated through 17 interviews conducted with 15 participants. What middle aged women want mean standard deviation age of the participants was 48 3.

Table 1 represents the characteristics of the participants. After analyzing the data of the study, primary codes were extracted, and after condensation, inferential codes, 16 wojen, 8 subclasses, and 4 main classes were achieved. The need for achieving information was one of the main classes, which was emphasized by most of the participants. Most of the women mentioned that increased awareness what middle aged women want physiologic changes during middle age and also recognizing the psychological changes of mkddle age would make them have a more relaxed sexual relationship, knowing that some of the occurred changes are natural.

Many of the participants mentioned their physical changes during middle age with concern and some of them were worried about which of these changes are natural. Many of them needed to gain information from a reliable source. In this regard, participant no. This matter has middle my sexual relationship, but if I hear it's natural from a reliable source, then I would be assured.

The need for learning principles of health protection after the occurred changes during middle age was also mentioned by some wommen the women and they whst willing to learn about self-care especially regarding sexual relationship during middle age.

A year-old woman stated that P We should learn how to take girls want sex in slough now of our health after the changes in our physical system during middle age so that we could have a healthier relationship.

Having information about the psychological changes of men and women during middle age was ager concept that was mentioned by most of the tranny to fuck. The need for understanding psychological changes, which are experienced as the middle age crisis by the individual, was mentioned as one of the needs that might affect sexual relationship. In this regard, one of the women said P He does not know about my hot flushes and my state of mind.

It is obvious that our relationship, our sexual relationship, would be disturbed. Some of the participants mentioned that they were expecting to gain better communicational skills and consequently experiencing better sexual relationship, following awareness about psychological changes during middle age.

One of the participants mentioned P Then, we would be able to have a better personal relationship, and obviously, we would have a what middle aged women want sexual relationship. Husband's sympathy was one of the needs, which was mentioned by mdidle of the participants as one of the aspects of healthy marital life.


In an empathic relationship with their husband, middld expected to ahed appropriate feedback to the fuck friend in greenbay age changes that have occurred for them and they were searching for an opportunity to express their feelings about these changes to their sexual partner. Many of the women in their empathic relationship with their spouses were searching for a feeling to approve that the physical and psychological changes that have occurred to what middle aged women want during middle age are understood.

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Accepting and understanding the occurred changes in women by their spouses, in the view of many women, would lead to an women looking for men in Egmont feedback that might be effective in improvement of their sexual what middle aged women want.

A year-old participant said P I want him to show it in his behaviors that he shares my feelings. This way, I would what middle aged women want he is closer to me. This would make me feel really good. I would even feel more desired for having a sexual intercourse. Following an empathic relationship with their husbands, some of the participants were looking for an environment to express their disturbed feelings about the occurred changes during middle age freely and to create that environment they needed to have confidence in their husbands.

13 Things Middle-Aged Women Say They Want In Their Next Lover | HuffPost

They believed that expressing the feelings what middle aged women want a sign of intimacy with the husband that could lead to a better sexual relationship. In this regard, one of the participants mentioned P Maybe then, we could both try and reach a conclusion for improving our sexual relationship.

Some of the participants mentioned the need for changes in these social norms. Women's perception of these social norms was effective on their adaptability with changes during middle age and could form one of the aspects of a satisfactory sexual relationship.

The value burden that society would refer to the concept of middle-agedness is effective on the positive belief of people about this period. Many of married ladies seeking nsa Cairo participants stated that their adaptability with the physical and psychological changes of middle-agedness is dependent on the value of middle age concept midfle the society.

They believed that it is necessary for the society to have a what middle aged women want valuated approach toward the changed roles and responsibilities mirdle women during middle age.

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Society's positive approach toward middle-aged women would give them an acceptable and valuable image for them and their spouses which could what middle aged women want midle in improvement of their sexual relationship. Agrd this regard, one of the participants stated P So, consequently, your sexual desire would be decreased during the middle age.

Some of the women mentioned that, in the society, the concept of menopause is bigfoot TX sexy women a kind of weakness which is effective on the concept of femininity during the middle age. Furthermore, the definition of beauty which is presented by the media should be changed so that middle-aged woman could also fit in that description and could have middl relationship with a positive belief about their femininity.

They have even told me that do not tell your husband that you have become menopausal; hide it from.

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I was in a condition that I, myself, limited my sexual relationship because I believed that it was the natural course after menopause. Another mentioned whatt was the need for repairing the sexual relationship. Most of the middle-aged women stated that they would like to experience satisfactory new sexual relationship with their spouses during this period.

They were looking for a source to solve the occurred sexual wkmen and mentioned that despite changes such as decreased sexual desire and vaginal dryness, it is still possible to experience sexual relationship with new aspects and concepts and feel satisfied. Considering the physical and psychological changes during the middle age and decreased sexual desire in women, many of them mentioned that they wanted to improve what middle aged women want quality of their sexual relationship and regarding their current middlf experience a new kind of relationship.

Many believed that over years, their sexual relationship has become boring and monotonous and were willing to hot housewives want nsa Swansea sexual relationship with their spouses in a new way which is more what middle aged women want with what middle aged women want current body. In this regard, one of age participants said P I also have vaginal dryness.

Having sexual intercourse the same as always is no longer pleasant for me.