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Lesbian first kiss story

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Discussion in ' Chit Chat ' started by xballetxbeautyxNov 8, Empty Closets. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Kis More. Thread Tools Thread Tools. Mar 30, Messages: Midwest USA. Title says it all. Hopefully there will be some interesting ones. My first kiss was with my girfriend at the time, in our lesbian first kiss story studio after everyone else had gone home.

But my first time horny women Rochester New York out was a few months later on a lesbian first kiss story to stody inauguration, with a girl I'd known for two days.

When I finally kissed a girl |

In a bathroom. Nov 1, Messages: Federal Way, WA. First Straight Kiss: My first kiss with a girl was on my 16th birthday. I was holding a party in the basement of my house and most of the people had gone home as it was lesbian first kiss story rather late.

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My girlfriend told me fist sit down in a chair and close my eyes, which Lesbian first kiss story did. I didn't hear anything for a few seconds and then suddenly she kissed me. It was such a surprise.

Somehow, I thought she was only going to lesbian first kiss story in a gift or something, but I guess that worked too, lol! It was a great birthday present, none the. First Gay Kiss: This one was only about two years ago, actually. I went to the local gay bar with a friend named Julianna after a feminist "conference" sort of thing. We had a few drinks pesbian sang along with the karaoke and lesbian first kiss story this cute Hispanic guy came.

And then he told her how hot her hair. I was like. Suddenly, the guy asked if anyone was drinking.

She said, “First you experience pre-lesbian tension or PLT. You feel a little She co-produces the true-stories reading series, Lip Service. Let's hear some cute/awkward stories: your first kiss, first time making out, first time kissing your I found out years later she's a lesbian!!!. Here is a round-up of the 15 best first kiss stories from awkward, to romantic, and “My first lesbian kiss happened when I was years old.

Jules had already said that she was done for the night, but I offered to buy a round of shots for the two of us. So, we swallowed our shots and then he sort of turned to me and I turned to look at him I was sitting on a bar stool. And then we just sort of drew close and kissed, tongue and all: It was probably just payment for the shots, lol. After that he went shy and I needed to get Jules home anyway, so lesbian first kiss story left.

I never lesbian first kiss story his name, but that's okay because he had been talking about getting back together with richest woman in indiana ex-boyfriend lesbian first kiss story. But on my way home, I was glowing and giddy, that's for sure! Apr 8, Messages: Orlando Gender: Male Gender Pronoun: He Sexual Orientation: Gay Out Status: Out to.

I was really worried I would be bad at it, but kissing her was like kissing a windmill. She just shoved her tongue in my mouth and spun it like a garbage disposal. Feb 13, Messages: Originally Montana but currently San Fransisco. My first straight kiss was when I was 10 and this boy in my class we got dared to do it I just remember going bright red and us both giggling alot My First Gay kiss was with my first girlfriend when I was 16 and she wasn't my girlfriend at the time just my best friend then one night out of nowhere she just kissed me and the rest as they say is history.

Oct 5, Messages: Asian wife erotic stories, AZ. I've never actually been kissed, but my first "kiss" story was pretty awkward. So, it ended up with her demonstrating on my cheek and my getting soaking wet by someone attempting to french kiss a piece of my skin.

Sep 6, Messages: I've only ever had a gay kiss. It was my first lesbian first kiss story having sex; same with the other guy.

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He just sorta said, "Anything you lesbian first kiss story me to do? Nov 2, Messages: Most awkward kiss story. I was with this guy I really liked. We drove out to the harbor where a lot of couple go to kiss.

First Kiss Stories - First Kiss Experiences

We were in my car and I had never gay grantham him. I stopped the car and told him I really liked. He took the gum he was chewing out of his mouth if your date storyy a chewing gum it only means one thing and kissed me, it was a really long and good lesbian first kiss story even though I had to teach him to use his tongue, lol. After a moment though there where many cars there and it was really dark a car drove beside us and they had some sort of a super strong flashlight and lit up the car.

My first kiss was when I was. It firsf lesbian first kiss story a girl, and it was firdt, wet, kisw gross. I sorta regret it, but hey, what can you lesiban I've yet to kiss a guy. Sep 29, Messages: My first kiss was actually with a straight guy in June this year. We were at a party and he was very drunk I barely was, but I didn't mind at all We just kissed very briefly, but I enjoyed it none the. And, yep, he is straight, his girl friend at the time was there, too and saw it.

I've never actually kissed a girl, but I really don't mind. I lesbian first kiss story her from primary school elementary school and she's turned out pretty hot. So fuck it, why not? We just spent a bit of time in the grass, then the party got broken up by police and she had to go home.

Lol, that was the last that ever happened between us. I found out years later she's a lesbian!!!

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I guess she was trying to figure herself. Wow, I'm surprised how many people have had straight but not gay kisses.

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I've never kissed a boy! I did kiss a girl in front of her best guy friend Well that makes sense. Jan 24, Messages: Flagstaff, AZ. First actual kiss.

First Kiss Stories | Empty Closets

I was sixteen and lesbian first kiss story school year grade 10 had just ended. I was at a going away party for my friend's foreign exchange student. Anywho, there was this guy, who was always flirting with every girl and would jokingly orange sex cam chats "hey wanna go make out? Then I had a crush on him for about a year. This guy is kinda a jerk and leads girls on, but man he gives good hugs. Lesbian first kiss story kiss with a girl was a few weeks later, I was with my straight friend and we were curious as to what lesbian first kiss story out felt like, so we tried it, it was highly women in pensacola and we haven't spoken of it.

Most awkward kiss, it was freshman year of college and I was almost I had just gone on a date with this random guy that I kept seeing around campus. He was dropping me off at my house and we're sitting in his car. I think he's going to kiss me so I turn my head, and like, our lips don't quite touch, it's kindof messed up.

And he's like oh, I was just going to kiss your cheek. I was beyond embarrassed and could not have gotten out of his car fast. Kisz 18, Messages: