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Goldengate sex

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Top definition.

Golden Gate Bridge sex. A glorious variant on the famed Eiffel Towerit is a sexual act in singles in toledo two girls are down on all foursgoldejgate doggy style if you prefer, and each goldengate sex an end of a double-sided dildo inserted in each of their vaginas.

Goldengate sex, each of the girls is performing felatio on a man.

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The two touch hands over the girls' backs to complete the bridge. Julia and Malen had sore vaginas and marshmallow mouth goldengate sex day after forming the Golden Female esscorts Bridge with the two homeless gentlemen they entertained last night. goldengatr

Golden Gate Bridge unknown. Where 2 males are standing across from each other goldengate sex they have a femal suspended between them, legs wraped around goldengate sex goldsngate wraped around the other one male in her mouth other in 1 of 2 holes.

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Goldengate sex as the Eiffel Tower sexual posistion, but instead of the two guys high fivingthey play with goldengate sex cars on her back, and with goldsngate plastic boat and shark beheath. Best if victoria personals with honking sound effects.

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Goldengate sex decided to kick it up a notch and give her the Golden Gate bridge instead of the Eiffel Tower. A sexual position for one male and ssx females, in which the male lies flat while giving oral sex to one female and vaginal sex to the other, and then the two females give high goldengate sex with both hands.

goldengafe The female equivalent of the Eiffel Tower. A goldengate sex of the famed Eiffel Tower ; the sexual act, which involves one female and four males. One male stands on their feet at both ends, one inserted orally and one anally.

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goldengate sex The other two males perform a handstand underneath the female and one inserts themselves between the breasts and one vaginally. Did you goledngate about Bri?

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The Golden Gate Goldengate sex is a sexual position that involves two men and two women. It requires that the men are both having intercourse with the women in the goldengate sex style" position, while the women face each other and procede to make.

The key to this position, however, is the element of suprise.

At some point during goldengate sex act, one of the men who was predetermined before the sexual engagement gives the signal to the other man. This sign can be a code word, a wink, or something as simple as a head nod.

After the signal is given, both males pull out in unison and urinate over the girls dex, while simultaniously thrusting their arms skyward with a great sense of achievement and wonder. The stream of urine arching over the backs of goldengate sex women is the key to forming the "Golden Goldengate sex Bridge. What a dick!

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