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4 temperament personality test

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Today there is no shortage of personality type theories.

Our pages on personality types and tests are among the most popular pages on this site. This article is about one of the oldest personality type systems in the world — four temperaments.

The origins of this typology belong 4 temperament personality test Graeco-Arabic medicine where it was successfully used to treat illnesses. In fact, it is still used today by practitioners of traditional medicine around the world. At the heart of this typology is ancient medical concept — humorism.

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Here are the four temperaments and their predominant humors bodily fluids:. However, most people have mixed temperaments, and judging solely by trst may be difficult for untrained enthusiasts such as.

Long before Myers-Briggs, the Ancient Greeks had a theory about personality types known as the four temperaments. Here's how it applies to. Personality test of the four temperaments: sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. While Eysenck sought to measure personality using only the scientific traits of extroversion and neuroticism, the four-temperament model also maps well onto.

Useful charts were provided by Dr. Paul Hysen, 4 temperament personality test. Here is his tet for pure temperamentsand here is his chart for mixed temperaments. Four Temperaments Test — take this quick test to find your predominant and secondary temperaments. Modern medicine rejects this typology, but many new personality 4 temperament personality test were developed from this ancient concept, often disguised under different names.

Modern psychology is not much kinder to four temperaments concept and, in general, dismisses most personality theories altogether.

Despite that, usage of terms — sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, and melancholic — persists in both scientific and everyday language. Sanguine Personality Type People with sanguine personality type tend to be lively, optimistic, buoyant, and carefree.

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They love adventure and have a high risk tolerance. Typically, Sanguine people are very poor at tolerating boredom and will seek variety and entertainment.

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Needless to say, this trait may sometimes negatively affect their romantic relationships. Because this temperament is prone to pleasure-seeking behaviors, many people with sanguine personality are likely personaloty struggle with addictions. Their constant cravings may lead to overeating and weight 4 temperament personality test. These people are very creative and may become great artists.

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In addition, they are fantastic entertainers and will naturally do well if they choose careers in entertainment industry. Their natural abilities will also serve them well if they choose jobs related to.

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Phlegmatic Personality Type Someone with phlegmatic personality type is usually a people person. They seek interpersonal harmony and close relationships. Phlegmatic people are loyal spouses and loving parents. They preserve their relationships with old friends, distant family members, and neighbors. People with phlegmatic temperament tend to avoid conflicts and 4 temperament personality test try to mediate between others to restore peace and harmony.

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They are very much into charity and helping. Ideal careers for phlegmatic personality types should be related to:.

Choleric Personality Type Someone with pure choleric temperament is usually a 4 temperament personality test person. People with choleric personality type are very savvy, analytical, and logical. They dislike small talk and enjoy deep and meaningful conversations.

They would rather be alone than in company of shallow, superficial people. Ideally, they want to spend time with people who have similar professional interests. Melancholic Personality Type People with melancholic personality type love traditions.

Temperament Test - Individual Differences Research Labs

Women cook for men; men open doors for women. They love their families and friends and, unlike sanguine temperament, do not look for novelty and adventure.

In fact, they avoid it at all costs. Someone with melancholic temperament is very unlikely to marry a foreigner or leave their homeland for another country. They are very social and temprament to local singles chat to the community.

Being extremely orderly and accurate, melancholic people are fantastic people managers. Perfect careers for melancholic personality type should 4 temperament personality test in:.

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