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30 year old guy selfie I Am Want Sex Date

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30 year old guy selfie

Online: 2 hours ago


I want my number written on the walls and will be an on slut.

Age: 55
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: Search Sexual Dating
City: Becontree
Hair: Bald
Relation Type: Horny Girl Wants Teen Relationships

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In time when bonza selfies can 30 year old guy selfie to an actual income, it's nice to see that some people aren't afraid to show their… less filtered sides on the internet. Welcome to Handsome Guys Ugly Facesa friendly sub-Reddit encouraging lads to flaunt their less photogenic angles.

It started four years ago, off the back of the runaway success of the Pretty Girls Ugly Faces a year earlier. It was before Snapchat took over the world, long before being an Instagram influencer was a legit career option.

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This is interesting, because the posts seem to fall into the "what you post in Instragram versus what you send on Snapchat" category. We asked one of the moderators, a Florida-based guy called Steven L, if he was surprised it was still a thing.

The social media trend still lingers today, and goes through peaks and troughs of popularity, and gguy riding on a high. The community is an overwhelmingly friendly one, with Steven L telling us he'd never had to moderate a cruel comment.

Somehow, despite all the dark notations about the trolls haunting the dank pits of the Internet, people manage not to be jerks. So you can post with ease knowing the horrific antonym to this completely normal photo won't get roasted. Connect with us.

Nine Viral. Handsome Guys, Ugly Faces is still making selfies great four years on Lookin' good, fellas!

The idea is to post a normal photo of themselves compared to their ugliest, funniest faces. Looks a like a normal, respectable selfie fit for a dating website or flatmate finder profile.

But things can escalate. This is just ramping up.

Palmyra Nj Swingers. Swinging.

Yeah, there's no way to explain. Because this… is not normal.

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Yeah, nothing about this is normal. Onya fellas.

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